Alive Alive-Oh

These guys are worthy of a top end restaurant. But don’t bother emptying your wallet for them, you can fill a bag of these for free in no time at all.


Native Chocolate

Well, that is how it was introduced to me, another victim of a classic kiwi prank. I guess my hunger and naive curiosity made me an easy target. As I quickly discovered, horopito tastes nothing like chocolate but more like a kind of pungent, dirty pepper that lingers on the tongue. Before you get too worried, I should clarify that horopito isn’t going to poison anyone….

Grubs Up

It doesn’t look like any food I’ve eaten before, but the Huhu grub is a traditional Maori delicacy, so I had to give it a go:

Run Rabbit Run

“Are you going to eat them?’Asked the surprised farmer who had let us onto his property. He assumed we were just shooting for sport,

Two chestnuts walked into a bar

Only one was allowed in, and rightly so. Although the two common types look similar, they are about as closely related as birds and bats